There aren’t many cocktails that scream “Summer Party” as loudly as this selection

Cocktails that are timeless! They’re well-known, but have you tried them at FAMOUS BEACH MARRAKECH?



Famous Beach Marrakech, which hosts the exceptional “Cocktails Bar” has condensed luxury with beautiful ornament. This warmly decorated Bar will transport you to a contemporary, cosmopolitan, and one-of-a-kind Marrakech atmosphere.

The Caipirinha

A Brazilian cocktail prepared with love based on Cachaça, white or brown sugar and lime.

On the way to an ethnic and cultural diversity of Brazil with This refreshing drink!

Miami Vice

Two rum cocktails, two words: Miami Vice

We sip strawberry daiquiris all summer long in Marrakech!

50% Piña Colada, 50% Strawberry Daquiri, and it’s 120% delicious!

Sex on the Beach 

Ce magnifique cocktail estival avec de la vodka, de gin à la pêche, de jus d’ananas et du jus de canneberge. C’est le cocktail officiel de l’Association internationale des barmen.

pool Lounge Marrakech

Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise est un cocktail à base de grenadine, de jus d’orange et de tequila, le nom de la boisson est inspiré par l’apparence d’un lever de soleil au fond du verre.